Missy Wadding

About Us

My name is Missy Wadding, and I am the Owner/Manager/CEO of Belle Rêveuse Boutique. I started this venture in June 2017 after accidentally discovering my first pair of these wonderfully soft and comfortable leggings. I loved them so much that I decided I wanted to share them with the world. Since then I have expanded to include a lot more clothing options. I have never gone to school for anything business related, in fact I have my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre; talk about a completely unrelated major. I never had any aspirations of starting my own business, just a desire to help people and a dream, which is coincidentally how the business name came about. Belle Rêveuse stands for beautiful dreamer in French, for those that have been wondering. Everyone has dreams, and if you work hard enough and you want something bad enough dreams do come true. So, with the help of my always wonderful and supportive husband Belle Rêveuse Boutique was born.