10 Fun Ways to Tie a Scarf

Change up Your Scarf Style

Just one scarf can transform the entire look of an outfit in many different ways. From a simple ascot knot to a more complex bow knot, there are so many different ways to wear a scarf. A scarf can make a perfect, fun, and not to mention easy way to accessorize any outfit. When you also consider the many different shapes, sizes, and prints that they come in it's easy to see why so many women, and yes some men too :-), choose a scarf as their "go-to" accessory. Not only are they an outfit game changer, but you can also use smaller scarves as a headband or handbag accessory.

If you're looking for something a little different than your usual go to scarf style, but don't want things to get too wild and crazy, have we got some simple options for you! Check out our list of 10 ways to tie a scarf that will help you keep your style simple yet fresh.

Ascot Knot

  1. Start with a triangle fold, or oblong scarf
  2. Place it around your neck
  3. Place one end over the other
  4. Take the end that was placed over top, pull it up through and over the top of the loop. Then simply just pull snug so it doesn't fall off

Braid Knot

  1. Fold a scarf in half to be as long as possible(an oblong scarf will work best)
  2. Place it around your neck. Take one end and loop it over the halfway loop
  3. Take the other end and loop it under and up through the halfway loop
  4. Twist the loop you just created and pull both ends down through the twist

Casual Swing Knot

  1. Fold a scarf in half to be as long as possible, again an oblong scarf will work best.
  2. Place it around your neck, then take one end and loop it over the halfway loop
  3. Take the other end and loop it under and up through the halfway loop

Criss Cross Knot

  1. Take a long rectangle scarf
  2. Place it around your neck and cross the two ends twice
  3. Wrap the ends around the back of your neck and knot them in the back

DIY Infinity Knot

  1. Use a long rectangle scarf
  2. Place it around your neck and tie the ends as close to the end as possible in order to be able to have as much length as you can. Then simply loop the scarf around your neck to create one infinite loop

Double Rainbow

  1. Place 2 different color scarves together and place them around your neck
  2. Simply flip each side around your neck once and flip the ends so that both colors are showing

The Light Queen Knot

  1. Start with a square fold, or oblong scarf
  2. Place it around your neck, making one side shorter than the other
  3. Place the long side over top of the short side and wrap it around twice
  4. Pull it up through the back and tighten up at the top

Square Knot

  1. Start with a square fold, or oblong scarf
  2. Place it around your neck, making one side shorter than the other
  3. Wrap the long end around the short end
  4. Take the long end down through the loop you just created
  5. Take the same end, and wrap it around the other end
  6. Last, just pull it through the knot you just created

Turtleneck Knot

  1. Take any scarf(oblong shapes will be the best & easiest)
  2. Place it around your neck, making one end shorter than the other
  3. Wrap the scarf around your neck a couple times, until it gets shorter
  4. Tie a knot with the loose ends and tuck them underneath

The Western Wrap

  1. Use a square scarf and simply fold it corner to corner, creating a triangle
  2. Place the triangle on your front
  3. Pull the ends around your neck and bock to the front
  4. Make a knot in the front and fold it underneath in order to hide the ends

We currently have dozens of different scarves in our inventory, ranging in different prints, sizes, and styles; including infinity, oblong, and square in both large and small sizes. Whether you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe or wanting to simply fancy up your purse, we definitely have a scarf to suit your needs.

If you have found another tie that works great for you, please leave us a comment with your how-to and let's share the knowledge.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October has been officially dubbed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year during the month of October hundreds of people and groups band together to raise awareness of the disease and the importance of early detection. These groups also work to to raise funds for research into the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure for breast cancer. Many of these groups raise money to offer support to those personally affected by the disease.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women. As a result, most everyone knows, or has known someone who has been affected in some way by breast cancer. If breast cancer has directly affected you, or someone you know, and Susan G. Komen are great informational sites. These sites include lots of helpful information on symptoms to assist in early detection as well as information on treatments and side effects.

For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month everything turns to pink. This month of pink is a reminder of the lives that this disease has already claimed and threatens to claim in the future. The pink initiative is also used as a reminder to individuals of the importance of early detection. It is crucial to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer.

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Pink Day-Leechburg, PA

Pink Day 2018

Pink Day 2018

Started in 2011, Pink Day in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, is a public event created to celebrate and assist in fundraising efforts to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Over the last 6 years this Pink Day event has raised over $58,000 for their charity. Each year numbers and knowledge of the event continue to grow. The atmosphere at this event is always one of hope, support, and love.

It is with great pride that Belle Rêveuse Boutique announces our participation in this year’s Pink Day event. We will have our tent set up for customer purchases on Market St. in Leechburg, PA. If you are not local to this event and would still like to help in support of their efforts, you can visit their Facebook Group for more information.

***UPDATED 4/29/19***

Because we enjoyed the atmosphere so much last year, Belle Rêveuse Boutique will again be participating in Leechburg, Pennysylvania’s Pink Day festivities. We will have our tent set up for customer purchases. We will also be helping The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with our monetary donation through Pink Day.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday September 21, 2019 from 10:00am-5:00pm on Market Street in Leechburg, PA.
Details for this event can be found on their Facebook event page

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Before I started my own business I worked in one of the Verizon Wireless call centers. In February 2014 they announced that they would be closing some of their locations, including where I worked. To say that this came as a shock is an understatement. When I left Verizon my husband and I decided that I would try to work with him in his computer repair business as well as basically be a stay at home mom. Computers have never been my strong suit and I struggled to find a better way that I could help contribute to our family.

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