Teddy Bear Christmas Stockings


Unique teddy bear stockings for Christmas. These adorable Christmas stockings are handmade, with no two being identical. Fill your bear belly full on Christmas Eve.

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Our unique Christmas stocking will make the perfect keepsake for you and your family. Each Teddy Bear stocking is handmade, creating a one of a kind design that isn’t found anywhere else. These teddy bear stockings are made so that you fill the bear’s belly with all your small Christmas goodies rather than putting everything in a traditional sock stocking. Our unique Teddy Bear Christmas stocking design has been handed down through our family for generations. These unique stockings have always brought a smile to our children’s faces when they are hung up for Christmas and we want to spread that cheer on to you.
If it’s not a Christmas stocking you’re looking for, these adorable bears can also make a fun teddy bear for a child. With the belly pouch, your child can carry around his or her other favorite toys anywhere they go.
Since these are a handmade design they can be offered in additional prints and material styles not listed. If you have something specific in mind simply contact us. You may also contact us directly through Facebook Messenger.

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